May Update!

Hey everyone, big update today! Let's go over everything I've added and changed:

  • Added damage number pop ups in battle
  • Added controls tutorial in the intro
  • Three new books containing some new lore, search all the bookshelves!
  • A handful of NPCs have had dialogue edited to give tips
  • Certain text is highlighted to give players some better direction
  • The crates and pots in Port Psara are now searchable, lots of new items to find
  • Some new NPCs have been added, including a Mage in Ladjar who will introduce you to Magistones if you give him a certain item.
  • Domino, the Guardian Angel, has been added to dungeons. He can save your game and revive and heal for a price.
  • The distance between Thornedale and Haragon has been increased giving the player more opportunity to encounter enemies and level up/get some money.

Some issues I'm aware of right now:

  • Comms Stone doesn't work properly, Godwin gives you directions to Port Psara but nothing else after works.
  • Still having issue with the Log. It's disabled for now.
  • Psara Grand Hotel upstairs is still unfinished. Will likely remain that way for future demos until the full release.
  • Ladjar Theatre side quest is disabled at the moment. I'm unhappy with it and want to rewrite it. Unsure if it'll make a return in later demos, it might stay disabled until the full game.


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May 02, 2019

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