Bug fixes ahoy!

Hey everyone! I've just made an update to the demo that fixes a bunch of bugs and oversights. Here's a list:

  • Added location name popups whenever you enter dungeons and towns
  • Added missing enemy intro text in Lobatex Island
  • Fixed some misspellings and text formatting errors
  • Can no longer walk on the water in Port Psara
  • Rebalanced Rapid Blows. Made it slightly stronger but costs 50% SP now.
  • Fixed the "are you sure" prompt when choosing classes with Silver Talismans
  • Secret Map  - Ladjar Desert has been renamed Secret Map A. Actually functions now.
  • Replaced some stair tiles in Ladjar with differen placeholder graphics. Might still look a little odd.

Hopefully this gets most issues out of the way.

Also a little hint for anyone who's completed the demo on the Spirit Woods path, try using a Pirate in your party and talk to Captain La Mar before joining the resistance. You're in for a surprise.


Unknown World Demo.zip 375 MB
Mar 08, 2019

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